We transport concrete for public construction projects, buildings, roads, etc.

Road construction: In road construction, large volumes of concrete have to be transported efficiently to build pavements and associated structures. Concrete mixers are used to transport fresh concrete from the production plant directly to the work site, which guarantees a constant supply and avoids the segregation of the material during transportation.

Housing construction: In housing construction projects, especially in urban areas where space may be limited, the use of cement mixers is essential. It means that cement can be taken through narrow streets into construction sites that are difficult to get to. Furthermore, self-loading concrete mixers are used to make it easier to pour the concrete into different areas of the work site.

Building structures: Huge volumes of concrete have to be transported continually in an efficient manner to build structures such as bridges, viaducts, dams and other civil engineering projects. Cement mixers are used to supply concrete at heights or in places that are difficult to access, to guarantee the quality and the resistance of the material.

Concrete mixers must be used pursuant to the corresponding safety standards and the appropriate procedures to guarantee the integrity of the material and the safety of the workers. Furthermore, the specific projects might change according to the geographic location and the local regulations.

Our company has its head office in Alicante, but, our concrete mixers are used throughout the peninsula including Portugal.

Arranz is a company with experience, commitment and vocation for a job well done. We have more than 100 cement mixers. Our main objective is to provide an efficient quality service.

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